Clutches and Brakes

Clutch-brake combinations set the pace on high-performance mail processing machines. A clutch brake is a circular metal disc with friction material attached to both sides. A clutch brake is a circular disc with a friction surface that is splined to the input shaft of the transmission between the release bearing and transmission.


Clutches and Brakes: Its purpose is to slow and/or stop the input shaft from turning to allow initial forward or reverse gear engagement in non-synchronized transmissions. It helps prevent premature wear of the internal transmission parts during those initial shifts. Contact

Clutches and brakes operate electrically, but transmit torque mechanically. This is why they used to be referred to as electro-mechanical clutches or brakes. Over the years, EM became known as electromagnetic versus electro mechanical, referring more about their actuation method versus physical operation. Since the clutches started becoming popular over 60 years ago, the variety of applications and brake and clutch designs has increased dramatically, but the basic operation remains the same.


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