Electronic Pressure Regulator

The BS-Series, direct acting pressure reducing (and back pressure) regulators can be used to control most industrial gases and liquids. A specific spring range is used to set pressure in the main process. This spring is adjustable within a range of force that equates to the range of desired pressure control.


Electronic Pressure Regulator: The QB1X is a complete closed-loop pressure control device consisting of 2 internal valves, manifold, housing and electronic controls. The inlet and outlet pressure is controlled by 2 on/off solenoid valves and the pressure output is measured by an on-board pressure transducer. The QB2X implements external feedback and is often used to pilot dome loaded regulator.

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Additional information




Full Vac to 175 psig


±0.2% F.S

Max Flow

1.2 SCFM (34 LPM)


±0.2% F.S

Port Size

1/8″ NPT