Firesafe Shut-off Valve Assembly

Pressure valve Automation’s Flip series with BV’s features high-quality ball valves with API 607 fire safe certification.


Firesafe Shut-off Valve Assembly is engineered for automatic shut-off in case of a fire. They are ideal for flow shut-off protection in systems conveying flammable gasses or liquids such as fuel, solvents, alcohols, toxic chemicals, or other potentially dangerous media.

Three Classifications:

  • Thermal Shut-Off (FLP/FL Series): “sentry-type” protection for local isolation.
  • Thermal-Electric (TES Series): Local thermal protection.
  • Resettable Emergency Block Valve (R-EBV Series):Our patented Resettable Emergency Block Valve (R-EBV) for critical applications that involve highly flammable materials, such as oil and gas refineries, pipelines, and chemical treatment plants.


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