High Pressure Electronic Pressure Regulator

The GX is a high pressure electro-pneumatic control valve offering 1:1 pressure control up to 1,000 PSIG without the need for a ratio amplifying booster. This series includes a power and status indicator LED and is field servicable with field modifiable command and monitor signals.


The GX high pressure Electronic Pressure Regulator is a complete re-design  successful GP product. With this re-design we greatly improved the accuracy, resolution and repeatability of our high pressure control valve. The GX high pressure valve is 50% less weight (with non O2 cleaned GX) than the GP. The GX can also be used to pilot a volume booster and achieve much higher flows with the same great accuracy.

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Additional information




Full Vac to 1,000 psig


±0.25% F.S

Max Flow

26 SCFM @ 1,000 PSI (736 LPM)


±0.15% F.S

Port Size

1/8″ NPT