QB2 & Volume Air Booster

1 – QB2X Electronic Pressure Regulator

provides an air pilot signal to the dome of the air volume booster. By controlling pressure to the top of the diaphragm, we control pressure out of the volume booster.

2 – An Air Volume Booster

An Air Volume Booster also known as a dome-loaded or pilot-operated pressure regulator. This can be a pressure reducing valve or a back pressure valve. We have many volume boosters available that can handle different pressures, medias and flow rates. Understanding the application is critical to specifying the best fit.

3 – A DSB or DST Pressure Transducer 

Measures Output Pressure Of The Volume Booster And Provides This Feedback Signal To The QB2. The QB2 Adjusts Dome Pressure (Based On This Feedback) To Achieve The Commanded Pressure In The Process.


QB2 & Volume Air Booster: Often, Nayagi’s standalone electronic pressure regulators do not flow enough for a customer’s process. In this situation, we pair our QB2X (most common)air volume booster for increased flow capacity.

The QB2 Air Volume Booster is not a specific product. It is a concept and a technology that we use to increase the versatility of our product line and meet the needs of the customer.

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