Vacuum Pump Silencers

Comparison Chart For Silencers
Model #Product DescriptionFeatures and Benefits
AA SeriesAA Series Silencers have excellent noise reducing characteristics, are one third smaller than comparable products with minimal resistance to air flow. The large surface of the felt element resists contamination far more than other metal or polymer materials.
  • 4 thread sizes: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2 (NPS, BSP)
  • Compact, lightweight, durable
  • Contaminants can’t escape, maintains clean environment
ST SeriesThe ST Series Silencers are designed with a straight through flow path that eliminates clogging. Even in the most adverse conditions, contaminants pass through the silencer making the ST Series ideal for dusty and dirty environments.
  • 18 models, male and female connections
  • Felt liner provides low frequency sound
  • Increases savings, reduces maintenance costs, improves equipment life
STAA SeriesA hybrid silencer that offers increased noise reduction by combining an ST silencer with an AA silencer. The (closed-end) AA silencer is attached to the end of a modified ST silencer, thus removing the flow through feature of the standard ST Series silencers.
  • 2 Thread sizes
    1/4, 3/8 NPT
  • Removes high pitch frequency noise
FA-51 SeriesThe FA-51 Series silencers offer remarkable noise reduction for high volume exhaust applications without causing back pressure. These silencers are ideal for quieting large air valves that must exhaust quickly to maintain high cycle rates
  • Large internal surface area, absorbs more sound and debris
  • Economical, replacement elements available
  • Safe, closed end high flows won’t cause potentially dangerous projectiles


Silencers are extremely effective in reducing air exhaust noise from venturi generators and other pneumatic devices. Silencers reduce noise levels by up to 30dB while allowing high flow rates with minimal back pressure.

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