Top 3 trends in the manufacturing industry!

The manufacturing industry is going through an outstanding development. A huge interest in environmental-friendly resolutions, as well as a rising necessity for improved production efficacy, have to lead to tendencies such as individually familiar production solutions, maintainable and energy-efficient assemblies, and digitalization. In this article, we will walk you through the top 3 tendencies in the manufacturing industry and designate what they mean for your production. 

1. Individually familiar production solutions to fit your specific needs

The growing need for customized products needs both bendable, value-adding processes, and modified production flow solutions to contest quality and capability needs. The trend has been cumulative in the manufacturing industry for decades but it is not till now it can be complete in a well-organized way. New digital solutions permit production flow solutions to be accustomed to fit specific industries, permit both software and IT solutions to be modified to exact production requirements in a cooler way than before. Customized products and traceability are durable activate of this development.

2. Maintainable and energy-efficient production flow solutions

A rising trend in the manufacturing industry is to utilize production flow solutions that are energy proficient and sustainable. Instead of using pneumatics, we can get increasing use of electrical motors that run for example partitions, stoppers, and grippers. When it derives to material, we realize more customized material mixtures with makings that fit exact production processes. Plastic based on corn or ricin has improved in reputation when manufacturing products that are bio-based.

3. Digitalization helps to evade unforeseen costs and production halts

The digitalization improves the production flow solutions in countless ways. It permits the manufacturing equipment to obtain as well as direct information to each other in order to adjust the production based on the equipment’s enactment. In accumulation, the machines can update in advance if they sense something that could cause a production fault in the future. That makes it cooler to relate preventive maintenance, which helps to evade unexpected costs including manufacture stops. When machines share information, it results in great amounts of data. 

Nayagi Industrial Technologies (NIT) will focus on these trends in 2020 and find new solutions on how to use actual production techniques, how to gather and save data. To retain up with new innovation and trends, we unite with partners such as research institutes and universities that subsidize new and diverse perceptions. Separately adjusted production solutions, maintainable and energy-efficient productions, and digitalization stirring trends in the manufacturing industry in 2020, and we, at NIT, look forward to following and driving these trends frontward, for the sake of our customers and the industry.

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